About DAEJI Specialized company for intake & exhaust System

CEO's Greeting

Birds make a way and remove the way by themselves.
Humans make automobiles, but cannot erase the traces of automobiles.

Like an old tree that has roots deep under the ground and has stood over many years in the same place,
our enterprise has been dedicated to developing the technology of automotive exhaust systems for half a century.

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Since its inception in 1990, Daeji Automotive has established itself as a total solutions provider of automotive exhaust systems through continued efforts to improve quality and emphasize research and development.

Based on its core technology such as the air intake and exhaust system of gasoline engine automobiles, the company has successfully expanded into After-treatment device (DPF, SCR, DOC) as well as Air Induction Systems for commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. Daeji Automotive pursues the development of technologies such as GPF, LNT, and cold plasma to address tighter regulations on exhaust gas worldwide.

Recently, the company has started entered the aftermarket business based on a strong track record in OEM projects, and has become an official supplier of ACDelco Premium Mufflers for General Motors as well as exploring the global market with own brand, “ECOGOLD Muffler.”
An automobile is composed of of nearly 20,000 parts and components. It is like an orchestra Requiring the harmony of many musical instruments. Cars are born through a collection of numerous sophisticated technologies and engineers who have labored for many years in various fields.

Daeji Automotive aims to establish a perfect, complete solution of an exhaust system in order to prevent automobiles from contaminating the environment. In order to ensure that cars do not leave any harmful traces, the company continues to develop and supply state-of-the art exhaust systems.

Salt, comprising 3% of the ocean waters, prevents the sea from spoiling. That is what Daeji Automotive wants to be in the automotive industry. Daeji Automotive is dedicated to reciprocating the support and patronage of its customers.

CEO Hea-sam, Kim