OEM Product Specialized company for intake & exhaust System
ECOGOLD is a brand of automotive aftermarket parts of
Daeji Automotive that pursues eco-friendly products.
ECOGOLD guarantees customer satisfaction with excellent quality and affordable price.
Daeji Automotive aims at producing a leading brand in the
automotive aftermarket through a full range of products and services.
ACDelco is a global leader in aftermarket parts
and services with a history of 100 years.
ACDelco products are certified by GM,
carrying reasonable prices and highest quality.
Daeji Automotive supplies ACDelco mufflers and sells them
in Korea through its subsidiary, Daeji Co., Ltd.
Product Search Specialized company for intake & exhaust System

ACDelco Muffler

ACDelco muffler is a premium aftermarket product that meets stringent GM quality standards.
Daeji Automotive produces and supplies top quality mufflers for various types of vehicles.
Experience the premium mufflers of Daeji Automotive at a reasonable cost.


  • Hyundai
  • Chevrolet
  • Ssangyong Motor
  • Renault Samsung