About DAEJI Specialized company for intake & exhaust System

Management philosophy and Vision

Creation, Challenge & Harmony Daeji Automotive is realizing change and challenge for Creativity
Worldwid recognized, leading environment-friendly company with human respect culture.


Through its management vision of enhancing customer value and respect for humans,
Daeji Automotive hopes to achieve the recognition from the customers and maintain market leadership.

Customers Daeji, trusted by customers
Products Daeji, producing premium products
Talents Daeji, as a company that talented individuals desire to work for
Competitors Daeji, whom competitors want to benchmark

Management philosophy

Daeji Automotive’s management philosophy is a guide for overall corporate activities.

Harmony Do business with respect for others and respect for human beings.
Creation Explore the future with creative thinking, enthusiasm, and constant innovation.
Challenge Be flexible, adaptive, and responsive to new changes and challenges.