R&D Specialized company for intake & exhaust System

Production Technique

Production Technique carries out the research about tooling concept and weld
parameters for optimum production. Additionally, process design of press and injection is also

Purpose of Simulation

  • - Research about raw material of press tool, the durability of the tool with different raw materials and undercut and the optimum forming process.
  • - Research about optimum gate location for injection tool, sink, welding line for the minimum crack. Additionally, the research to minimize deformation during injection process is also carried out.

Weld Process/ Welding Robot

  • - Research about welding process for the best weld parameters.
  • - Optimize the programming of the weld robot; Improve the precision of weld prcess and cycle time by eliminating the unnecessary movement and loss time)

Design of Process Layout

  • Design the manufacturing process of components, sub-components and Assembly parts according to the specification of the existing equipment for production improvement and stable workability.
Production Engineering